Package “sxacl” has 11 man pages.

sxacl manages users and permissions for SX clusters and volumes.
sxacl useradd adds a new user to a Skylable SX cluster. By default, a regular user will be created. Only cluster administrators can create new users.
sxacl userclone creates a clone of an existing user, which has the same type and privileges but a different authentication key. The clones can be used to access...
sxacl userdel removes an existing user from a Skylable SX cluster. By default, it doesn't remove user clones. When all instances of a given user get removed...
sxacl usergetkey retrieves an authentication key of a specific user. Only cluster administrators can retrieve users' keys.
sxacl userlist lists all users (and their types) in a Skylable SX cluster. Only cluster administrators can list users.
sxacl usermod is used to modify settings of existing users. Only cluster administrators can perform such changes.
sxacl usernewkey generates a new user authentication key based on a password or a random data, which automatically replaces the old one. A normal user can...
sxacl volperm manages volume permissions for a specific user. It can be used to grant or revoke read/write access, or to grant the manager privilege. Only...
sxacl volshow displays an access control list (ACL) for a given volume. This includes information about users who can access a volume and their rights. Only...
sxacl whoami shows the username associated with the current authentication key. While a user name is not needed to configure access to a cluster, the user may...