Package svgalib-devel

Development tools for the SVGAlib graphics library

The svgalib-devel package contains the libraries and header files
needed to build programs which will use the SVGAlib low-level graphics

See also: svgalib.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
currentcontext alias for gl_getcontext
gl_allocatecontext allocate a graphics context
gl_bcircle draw a filled or unfilled Bresenham circle
gl_circle draw a circle
gl_clearscreen clear the screen
gl_colorfont change the color of a font
gl_compileboxmask compress a masked bitmap
gl_compiledboxmasksize compute the size of a compiled masked box
gl_copybox copy a rectangular screen area
gl_copyboxfromcontext copy rectangular area from another context
gl_copyboxtocontext copy a rectangular area to another context
gl_copyscreen copy the screen contents of contexts
gl_disableclipping disables clipping
gl_enableclipping enables clipping
gl_enablepageflipping enables automatic page flipping
gl_expandfont expand a packed pixel font
gl_fillbox fill a rectangular area
gl_fillcircle draw a filled circle
gl_font8x8 a packed 8x8 pixel font
gl_freecontext free a virtual screen
gl_getbox copy a rectangular pixmap from the screen to a buffer
gl_getcontext get the current graphics contents.
gl_getpalette alias for gl_getpalettecolor
gl_getpalettecolor read the color palette
gl_getpalettecolors alias for gl_getpalettecolor
gl_getpixel return the color of a pixel
gl_getpixelrgb store color components of a pixel
gl_hline draw a horizontal line
gl_line draw a line
gl_printf write formatted output in graphic mode
gl_putbox copy a pixmap to a rectangular area
gl_putboxmask copy a masked pixmap to a rectangular area
gl_putboxmaskcompiled copy a compiled masked pixmap to a rectangular area
gl_putboxpart copy a partial pixmap to a rectangular area
gl_rgbcolor return pixel value corresponding to an rgb color
gl_scalebox scale a pixmap
gl_setclippingwindow set the clipping window
gl_setcontext set a previously saved context
gl_setcontextheight alias for gl_setcontextwidth
gl_setcontextvga set the context to the physical screen
gl_setcontextvgavirtual set the context to a virtual mode
gl_setcontextvirtual define a virtual context
gl_setcontextwidth set the dimension of a context
gl_setdisplaystart set the start of the screen are displayed
gl_setfont set the text font to be used
gl_setfontcolors set the font colors
gl_setpalette alias for gl_setpalettecolor
gl_setpalettecolor set the color palette
gl_setpalettecolors alias for gl_setpalettecolor
gl_setpixel draw a pixel
gl_setpixelrgb alias for gl_setpixel
gl_setrgbpalette set a 256-color RGB palette
gl_setscreenoffset set a memory offset for copyscreen
gl_setwritemode set the font writemode flags
gl_striangle draw a solid colored triangle
gl_swtriangle draw a solid pixmap mapped on a triangle
gl_triangle draw a triangle with interpolated colors
gl_trigetcolorlookup alias for gl_trisetcolorlookup
gl_trisetcolorlookup manages a color lookup table for shadowing
gl_trisetdrawpoint set a triangle drawing function
gl_write write a text string
gl_writen alias for gl_write
gl_wtriangle draw a shadowed pixmap mapped on a triangle
graph_mem alias for vga_getgraphmem
joystick_button1 alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_button2 alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_button3 alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_button4 alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_close close a joystick
joystick_getaxis query the current state of a joystick.
joystick_getb1 alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_getb2 alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_getb3 alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_getb4 alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_getbutton alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_getnumaxes query the capabilities of a joystick
joystick_getnumbuttons alias for joystick_getnumaxes
joystick_getx alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_gety alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_getz alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_init open a joystick
joystick_setdefaulthandler alias for joystick_sethandler
joystick_sethandler set the joystick event handler.
joystick_update query joysticks for status changes
joystick_x alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_y alias for joystick_getaxis
joystick_z alias for joystick_getaxis
keyboard_clearstate reset the state of all keys when in raw keyboard mode
keyboard_close return the keyboard to normal operation from raw mode
keyboard_getstate get a pointer to a buffer holding the state of all keys in raw keyboard mode
keyboard_init initialize the keyboard to raw mode
keyboard_init_return_fd alias for keyboard_init
keyboard_keypressed check if a key is pressed when in raw keyboard mode
keyboard_setdefaulteventhandler alias for keyboard_seteventhandler
keyboard_seteventhandler define an event handler for keyboard events in raw mode
keyboard_translatekeys modify scancode mappings in raw keyboard mode
keyboard_update process raw keyboard events
keyboard_waitforupdate alias for keyboard_update
mouse_close explicitly close a mouse
mouse_getbutton alias for mouse_getx
mouse_getcaps returns the capabilities of the mouse
mouse_getposition_6d provide an interface to 3d mice
mouse_getx query the mouse state
mouse_gety alias for mouse_getx
mouse_init specifically initialize a mouse
mouse_init_return_fd alias for mouse_init
mouse_setdefaulteventhandler alias for mouse_seteventhandler
mouse_seteventhandler set a mouse event handler
mouse_setposition set the current mouse position
mouse_setposition_6d alias for mouse_getposition_6d
mouse_setrange_6d alias for mouse_getposition_6d
mouse_setscale sets a mouse scale factor
mouse_setwrap set what happens at the mouse boundaries
mouse_setxrange define the boundaries for the mouse cursor
mouse_setyrange alias for mouse_setxrange
mouse_update updates the mouse state
mouse_waitforupdate wait for an mouse update
vga_accel calls the graphics accelerator
vga_addmode add a mode to svgalib modes list
vga_addtiming add a timing line to svgalib user timing list
vga_bitblt copy pixmap on screen using an accelerator
vga_blitwait wait for any accelerator operation to finish
vga_changetiming change the current timing parameters.
vga_claimvideomemory declare the amount of video memory used
vga_clear clear the screen
vga_copytoplanar16 copy linear pixmap into VGA 16 color mode video memory
vga_copytoplanar256 copy linear pixmap into Mode X video memory
vga_copytoplane copy linear pixmap to some planes of VGA 16 color mode video memory
vga_disabledriverreport makes svgalib not emit any startup messages
vga_drawline draw a line on the screen
vga_drawpixel draw a pixel on the screen
vga_drawscanline draw a horizontal line of pixels
vga_drawscansegment draw a horizontal line of pixels
vga_dumpregs dump the contents of the SVGA registers
vga_ext_set set and query several extended features
vga_fillblt file rectangular area in video memory with a single color
vga_flip toggle between text and graphics mode
vga_getcardinfo returns pointer to information about the video card.
vga_getch wait for a key
vga_getcolors alias for vga_getxdim
vga_getcurrentchipset returns the current SVGA chipset
vga_getcurrentmode returns the current video mode
vga_getcurrenttiming get the current timing parameters.
vga_getdefaultmode returns the default graphics mode number
vga_getgraphmem returns the address of the VGA memory
vga_getkey read a character from the keyboard without waiting
vga_getmodeinfo returns pointer to mode information structure for a mode
vga_getmodename return a name for the given video mode
vga_getmodenumber return a number for the given video mode
vga_getmonitortype returns the monitor type configured
vga_getmousetype returns the mouse type configured
vga_getpalette get a color in the color lookup table
vga_getpalvec gets colors from the color lookup table
vga_getpixel get a pixels value from the screen
vga_getscansegment get a list of consecutive pixel values
vga_gettextfont get/set the font used in text mode
vga_gettextmoderegs get/set the vga state used in text mode
vga_getxdim return the current screen resolution
vga_getydim alias for vga_getxdim
vga_guesstiming calculate a timing line for the given resolution
vga_hasmode returns if a video mode is supported
vga_hlinelistblt draw horizontal scan lines
vga_imageblt copy a rectangular pixmap from system memory to video memory
vga_init initialize svgalib library
vga_initcursor initialize mouse cursor
vga_lastmodenumber returns the last video mode number
vga_lockvc disables virtual console switching for safety
vga_norevokeprivs Keep root privileges if run as suid root.
vga_oktowrite indicates whether the program has direct access to the SVGA
vga_puttextfont alias for vga_gettextfont
vga_runinbackground enable running of the program while there is no VGA access
vga_runinbackground_version returns the version of the current background support
vga_safety_fork start a parallel process to restore the console at a crash
vga_screenoff turn generation of the video signal on or off
vga_screenon alias for vga_screenoff
vga_selectcursor select mouse cursor pattern
vga_setchipset force chipset
vga_setchipsetandfeatures force chipset and optional parameters
vga_setcolor set the current color
vga_setcursorimage set the pattern and colors of the mouse cursor
vga_setcursorposition set the mouse cursor position
vga_setdisplaystart set the display start address
vga_setegacolor set the current color
vga_setflipchar set the character causing a vga_flip()
vga_setlinearaddressing switch to linear addressing mode
vga_setlogicalwidth set the logical scanline width
vga_setmode sets a video mode
vga_setmodeX try to set Mode X-like memory organization
vga_setmousesupport enable mouse support
vga_setpage set the 64K SVGA page number
vga_setpalette set a color in the color lookup table
vga_setpalvec sets colors in the color lookup table
vga_setreadpage set the 64K SVGA page number
vga_setrgbcolor set the current color
vga_settextmoderegs alias for vga_gettextmoderegs
vga_setwritepage set the 64K SVGA page number
vga_showcursor show / hide mouse cursor
vga_unlockvc re-enables virtual console switching
vga_waitevent wait for various I/O events
vga_waitretrace wait for vertical retrace.
vga_white return the color white in the current screen resolution