Package svgalib

Low-level fullscreen SVGA graphics library

The svgalib package provides the SVGAlib low-level graphics library
for Linux. SVGAlib is a library which allows applications to use full
screen graphics on a variety of hardware platforms. Some games and
utilities use SVGAlib for their graphics. For details on
supported chipsets, see man 7 svgalib (when svgalib is installed).

See also: svgalib-devel.

General Commands
Command Description
convfont convert font files for svgalib
dumpreg dump the state of the card as the svgalib chipset driver sees it.
fix132x43 fix problems with certain (132 column) graphics modes dump the state of the card...
restorefont save or restore the SVGA font for textmode.
restorepalette set the color palette for textmode.
restoretextmode save or restore the SVGA registers for textmode.
runx try to overcome problems of Xfree96 restoring textmode using svgalib.
savetextmode save or restore the complete SVGA status for textmode.
setmclk adjust the memory timing of certain Cirrus cards.
svgakeymap generates keymaps for svgalib
textmode alias for savetextmode
File Formats
File Description
libvga.config the svgalib configuration file
libvga.et4000 alias for svgalib.et4000(7)
svgalibrc alias for libvga.config
Game Description
accel tests the new style svgalib accelerator interface
bg_test test the background mode of svgalib
eventtest test the waitevent function of svgalib
forktest tests the vga_safety_fork() function.
fun draw pixels accumulating in clusters
joytest test the svgalib joystick package in text mode
keytest tests the svgalib raw keyboard functions
lineart alias for testlinear
mach32info read out configuration information of a Mach32
mjoytest test the svgalib joystick package in graphics mode
mousetest tests the svgalib mouse driver
plane draw a 3 dimensional plane
printftest tests the vgagl gl_printf function
scrolltest tests some scrolling algorithms with svgalib
speedtest tests the speed of memory access under svgalib
spin test a 6-dimension mouse or pointer device with svgalib
svidtune tunes svgalib modes
testaccel test the old style blitter functions and vga_ext_set()
testgl test the vgagl library
testlinear test a linear frame buffer
threed The svgalib 3d demo
vgatest makes basic tests on any svgalib graphics mode
wrapdemo demonstrates surface wrapping of pixmaps
Name Description
svgalib a low level graphics library for linux
svgalib.chips Information for Chips and Technologies Users
svgalib.et4000 Information for Tseng ET4000 users
svgalib.faq frequently asked questions about svgalib
svgalib.mach32 Information on the Mach32 chipset driver
threedkit a set of functions for 3D support.
vgagl a fast framebuffer-level graphics library based ion svgalib
System Administration
Command Description
mode3 set a vesa mode.
vga_reset reset video graphic board