Package sunpinyin-data

Little-endian data files for sunpinyin

The sunpinyin-data package contains necessary lexicon data and its index data
files needed by the sunpinyin input methods.

General Commands
Command Description
genpyt generate the PINYIN lexicon
getwordfreq print word freq information from language model
idngram_merge merge idngram file into one
ids2ngram generate n-gram data file from ids file
mmseg maximum matching segment Chinese text.
slmbuild generate language model from idngram file
slminfo get information of a back-off language model
slmpack convert the ARPA format of SunPinyin back-off language model to its binary...
slmprune prune the back-off language model to a reasonable size
slmseg maximum matching segment Chinese text.
slmthread threads the language model
tslmendian change the byte-order of sunpinyin's threaded back-off language model
tslminfo get information of a threaded back-off language model