Package stgit

Patch stack for Git repositories

StGit is a Python application providing similar functionality
to Quilt (i.e. pushing/popping patches to/from a stack) on top of Git.
These operations are performed using Git commands and the patches
are stored as Git commit objects, allowing easy merging of the StGit patches
into other repositories using standard Git functionality.

Note that StGit is not an SCM interface on top of Git and it expects
a previously initialized Git repository. For standard SCM operations,
either use plain Git commands or the Cogito tool.

Version: 1.5

General Commands

stg Manage stacks of patches using the Git content tracker
stg-branch Branch operations: switch, list, create, rename, delete, ...
stg-clean Delete the empty patches in the series
stg-clone Make a local clone of a remote repository
stg-commit Permanently store the applied patches into the stack base
stg-delete Delete patches
stg-diff Show the tree diff
stg-edit Edit a patch description or diff
stg-export Export patches to a directory
stg-files Show the files modified by a patch (or the current patch)
stg-float Push patches to the top, even if applied
stg-fold Integrate a GNU diff patch into the current patch
stg-goto Push or pop patches to the given one
stg-hide Hide a patch in the series
stg-id Print the git hash value of a StGit reference
stg-import Import a GNU diff file as a new patch
stg-init Initialise the current branch for use with StGit
stg-log Display or optionally clear the patch changelog
stg-mail Send a patch or series of patches by e-mail
stg-new Create a new, empty patch
stg-next Print the name of the next patch
stg-patches Show the applied patches modifying a file
stg-pick Import a patch from a different branch or a commit object
stg-pop Pop one or more patches from the stack
stg-prev Print the name of the previous patch
stg-pull Pull changes from a remote repository
stg-push Push one or more patches onto the stack
stg-rebase Move the stack base to another point in history
stg-redo Undo the last undo operation
stg-refresh Generate a new commit for the current patch
stg-rename Rename a patch
stg-repair Fix StGit metadata if branch was modified with git commands
stg-reset Reset the patch stack to an earlier state
stg-series Print the patch series
stg-show Show the commit corresponding to a patch
stg-sink Send patches deeper down the stack
stg-squash Squash two or more patches into one
stg-sync Synchronise patches with a branch or a series
stg-top Print the name of the top patch
stg-uncommit Turn regular git commits into StGit patches
stg-undo Undo the last operation
stg-unhide Unhide a hidden patch