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Package staden-io_lib-devel

Development files for staden-io_lib


The staden-io_lib-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use staden-io_lib.

Version: 1.14.8

See also: staden-io_lib.

Library Functions

ExperimentFile Manipulations of the Experiment File format
exp2read alias for scf2read
fread_reading alias for read_reading
fread_scf alias for read_scf
fwrite_reading alias for write_reading
fwrite_scf alias for write_scf
read2exp alias for scf2read
read2scf alias for scf2read
read_allocate Allocate and deallocate the Read structure.
read_deallocate alias for read_allocate
read_reading Read a trace file into a Read structure.
read_scf Read SCF files
read_scf_header alias for read_scf
scf2read Translate to and from the Read structure.
write_reading Write a Read structure into a trace file.
write_scf Write SCF files
write_scf_header alias for write_scf

Special Files

Read alias for read_reading(3)