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Package staden-io_lib

General purpose library to handle gene sequencing machine trace files


The Staden I/O library provides a general purpose interface for reading and
writing trace files and other bioinformatics experiment files. The programmer
simply calls, for example, the read_reading function to create a "Read" C
structure with the data loaded into memory. It has been compiled and tested
on a variety of Unix systems, MacOS X and MS Windows.

Version: 1.14.8

See also: staden-io_lib-devel.

General Commands

scramble Converts between the SAM, BAM and CRAM file formats.
srf2fasta Converts SRF files to fasta format
srf2fastq Converts SRF files to Sanger fastq format
srf_index_hash Adds a hash-table index to an SRF file.
srf_info Lists information about the contents of an SRF file
srf_list Lists and/or counts the contents of an SRF file