Package sssd-common

Common files for the SSSD

Common files for the SSSD. The common package includes all the files needed
to run a particular back end, however, the back ends are packaged in separate
sub-packages such as sssd-ldap.

General Commands
Command Description
sss_ssh_authorizedkeys get OpenSSH authorized keys
sss_ssh_knownhostsproxy get OpenSSH host keys
File Formats
File Description
sssd.conf the configuration file for SSSD
sssd-files SSSD files provider
sssd-session-recording Configuring session recording with SSSD
sssd-simple the configuration file for SSSD's 'simple' access-control provider
sssd-sudo Configuring sudo with the SSSD back end
sssd-systemtap SSSD systemtap information
System Administration
Command Description
sss_cache perform cache cleanup
sssd System Security Services Daemon