Package srecord

Manipulate EPROM load files

The SRecord package is a collection of powerful tools for manipulating
EPROM load files.

- The SRecord package understands a number of file formats: Motorola
  S-Record, Intel, Tektronix, Binary.  These file formats may be read
  and written.  Also C array definitions, for output only.

- The SRecord package has a number of tools: srec_cat for copying and
  and converting files, srec_cmp for comparing files and srec_info for
  printing summaries.

- The SRecord package has a number for filters: checksum to add checksums
  to the data, crop to keep address ranges, exclude to remove address
  ranges, fill to plug holes in the data, length to insert the data
  length, maximum to insert the data address maximum, minimum to insert
  the data address minimum, offset to adjust addresses, and split for
  wide data buses and memory striping.

More than one filter may be applied to each input file.  Different filters
may be applied to each input file.  All filters may be applied to all
file formats.

Version: 1.64

General Commands

srec_cat manipulate EPROM load files
srec_cmp compare two EPROM load files for equality
srec_examples examples of how to use SRecord
srec_info information about EPROM load files
srec_input input file specifications

Library Functions

srecord library to manipulate EPROM load files
srecord_license GNU Lesser General Public License

File Formats

srec_aomf Intel Absolute Object Module Format
srec_ascii_hex Ascii-Hex file format
srec_atmel_generic Atmel Generic file format
srec_binary binary file format
srec_brecord Freescale MC68EZ328 Dragonball bootstrap record format
srec_coe Xilinx Coefficient File Format
srec_cosmac RCA Cosmac Elf file format
srec_dec_binary DEC Binary (XXDP) file format
srec_emon52 Elektor Monitor (EMON52) file format
srec_fairchild Fairchild Fairbug file format
srec_fastload LSI Logic Fast Load file format
srec_formatted_binary Formatted Binary file format
srec_forth FORTH file format
srec_fpc four packed code file format
srec_idt IDT/sim binary file format
srec_intel Intel Hexadecimal object file format specification
srec_intel16 Intel Hexadecimal 16-bit file format specification
srec_logisim format Logisim EPROM load files
srec_mem Lattice Memory Initialization format
srec_mif Memory Initialization File (MIF) format
srec_mips_flash MIPS-Flash file format
srec_mos_tech MOS Technology file format
srec_motorola Motorola S-Record hexadecimal file format
srec_msbin Windows CE Binary Image Data Format
srec_needham Needham EMP-series programmer ASCII file format
srec_os65v OS65V Loader file format
srec_ppb Stag Prom Programmer binary format
srec_ppx Stag Prom Programmer hexadecimal format
srec_signetics Signetics file format
srec_spasm SPASM file format
srec_spectrum Spectrum file format
srec_stewie Stewie's binary file format
srec_tektronix Tektronix hexadecimal file format
srec_tektronix_extended Tektronix Extended hexadecimal file format
srec_ti_tagged Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC) file format
srec_ti_tagged_16 Texas Instruments Tagged (SDSMAC 320) file format
srec_ti_txt Texas Instruments ti-txt (MSP430) file format
srec_trs80 Radio Shack TRS-80 object file format specification
srec_vmem vmem file format
srec_wilson wilson file format