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Package snobol4

A port of Macro SNOBOL4


This is a free port of the original SIL (SNOBOL4 Implementation
Language) "macro" version of SNOBOL4 (developed at Bell Labs) with the
`C' language as a target.

SNOBOL4, while known primarily as a string language excels at any task
involving symbolic manipulations.  It provides dynamic typing, garbage
collection, user data types, on the fly compilation.

Version: 2.3.1

General Commands

sdb SNOBOL4 debugger
snobol4 SNOBOL4 interpreter
snobol4blocks SNOBOL4 BLOCKS extension
snobol4cmd SNOBOL4 interpreter command line syntax
snobol4ctrl SNOBOL4 control lines
snobol4error SNOBOL4 error codes
snobol4ext CSNOBOL4 extensions
snobol4func SNOBOL4 summary of built-in functions
snobol4io SNOBOL4 file I/O
snobol4key SNOBOL4 keywords
snobol4op SNOBOL4 operators
snopea convert SNOBOL snopea documentation to roff and HTML

Library Functions

snobol4base64 Base 64 encoding and decoding
snobol4digest message digest library
snobol4dirs filesystem directory interface for SNOBOL4
snobol4ezio SNOBOL4 easy to use file I/O
snobol4fork POSIX fork for SNOBOL4
snobol4host SNOBOL4 host O/S functions
snobol4json JSON Encoding and Decoding
snobol4load Loading extension modules into SNOBOL4
snobol4logic bitwise logic and conversions for SNOBOL4
snobol4ndbm SNOBOL4 NDBM interface
snobol4random SNOBOL4 random number functions
snobol4readline SNOBOL4 readline interface
snobol4setup SNOBOL4 Loadable module setup utility
snobol4sprintf numeric formatting
snobol4sqlite3 SQLITE3 interface for SNOBOL4
snobol4sqlite3dbm "dbm" style interface for SNOBOL4 using SQLite3
snobol4stat file status interface for SNOBOL4
snobol4stcl SNOBOL4 Tcl/Tk interface
snobol4time SNOBOL4 time functions
snobol4zlib compression/decompression library
snolib SNOBOL4 library routines


snopea A little “Plain Old Documentation” format for SNOBOL4