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Package smp_utils

Utilities for SAS management protocol (SMP)


This is a package of utilities. Each utility sends a Serial Attached
SCSI (SAS) Management Protocol (SMP) request to a SMP target.
If the request fails then the error is decoded. If the request succeeds
then the response is either decoded, printed out in hexadecimal or
output in binary. This package supports multiple interfaces since
SMP passthroughs are not mature. This package supports the linux
2.4 and 2.6 series and should be easy to port to other operating

Warning: Some of these tools access the internals of your system
and the incorrect usage of them may render your system inoperable.

Version: 0.99

System Administration

smp_conf_general invoke CONFIGURE GENERAL SMP function
smp_conf_phy_event invoke CONFIGURE PHY EVENT function
smp_conf_route_info invoke CONFIGURE ROUTE INFORMATION SMP function
smp_conf_zone_man_pass invoke CONFIGURE ZONE MANAGER PASSWORD function
smp_conf_zone_perm_tbl invoke CONFIGURE ZONE PERMISSION TABLE function
smp_conf_zone_phy_info invoke CONFIGURE ZONE PHY INFORMATION function
smp_discover invoke DISCOVER SMP function
smp_discover_list invoke DISCOVER LIST SMP function
smp_ena_dis_zoning invoke ENABLE DISABLE ZONING SMP function
smp_phy_control invoke PHY CONTROL SMP function
smp_phy_test invoke PHY TEST FUNCTION SMP function
smp_read_gpio invoke READ GPIO REGISTER (ENHANCED) SMP function
smp_rep_broadcast invoke REPORT BROADCAST SMP function
smp_rep_exp_route_tbl invoke REPORT EXPANDER ROUTE TABLE LIST SMP function
smp_rep_general invoke REPORT GENERAL SMP function
smp_rep_manufacturer invoke REPORT MANUFACTURER INFORMATION SMP function
smp_rep_phy_err_log invoke REPORT PHY ERROR LOG SMP function
smp_rep_phy_event invoke REPORT PHY EVENT SMP function
smp_rep_phy_event_list invoke REPORT PHY EVENT LIST SMP function
smp_rep_phy_sata invoke REPORT PHY SATA SMP function
smp_rep_route_info invoke REPORT ROUTE INFORMATION SMP function
smp_rep_self_conf_stat invoke REPORT SELF-CONFIGURATION STATUS SMP function
smp_rep_zone_man_pass invoke REPORT ZONE MANAGER PASSWORD function
smp_rep_zone_perm_tbl invoke REPORT ZONE PERMISSION TABLE function
smp_utils invoke a SAS Serial Management Protocol (SMP) function
smp_write_gpio invoke WRITE GPIO REGISTER (ENHANCED) SMP function
smp_zone_activate invoke ZONE ACTIVATE SMP function
smp_zone_lock invoke ZONE LOCK SMP function
smp_zone_unlock invoke ZONE UNLOCK SMP function
smp_zoned_broadcast invoke ZONED BROADCAST SMP function