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Package smc-tools

Shared Memory Communication Tools


The Shared Memory Communication Tools (smc-tools) package enables usage of SMC
sockets in Linux.

Version: 1.8.3


af_smc Sockets for SMC communication

System Administration

smc_pnet create, destroy, and change the SMC PNET table
smc_run start a TCP socket program with the capability to use SMC as networking protocol
smcd Print information about SMC-D link groups and devices
smcd-device The smcd device command displays SMC-D devices and their properties. The smcr device command displays SMC-R devices and their properties.
smcd-info The smcd info and smcr info commands display generic SMC information from the kernel and the hardware.
smcd-linkgroup The smcd linkgroup command displays SMC-D link groups and their properties.
smcd-seid Control the system EID
smcd-stats The smcd stats and smcr stats commands display statistics about SMC-D and SMC-R, respectively.
smcd-ueid Use the smcd ueid and smcr ueid commands to manage user defined enterprise IDs (EIDs).
smcr Print information about SMC-R link groups, links and devices
smcr-device alias for smcd-device
smcr-info alias for smcd-info
smcr-linkgroup alias for smcd-linkgroup
smcr-stats alias for smcd-stats
smcr-ueid alias for smcd-ueid
smcss print information about the AF_SMC sockets and link groups