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Package smbldap-tools

User and group administration tools for Samba/OpenLDAP


In conjunction with OpenLDAP and Samba-LDAP servers, this collection is useful
to add, modify and delete users and groups, and to change Unix and Samba
passwords. In those contexts they replace the system tools to manage users,
groups and passwords.

Version: 0.9.11

System Administration

smbldap-config Configure the smbldap-tools
smbldap-groupadd Create a new group
smbldap-groupdel Delete a group
smbldap-grouplist list groups
smbldap-groupmod Modify a group
smbldap-groupshow Display group informations
smbldap-passwd change user password
smbldap-populate Populate your LDAP database
smbldap-useradd Create a new user
smbldap-userdel Delete a user account and related files
smbldap-userinfo change user real name, information and shell
smbldap-userlist list users or machines with some info
smbldap-usermod Modify a user account
smbldap-usershow Show a user account informations