Package smbios-utils-python

Python executables that use libsmbios

Get BIOS information, such as System product name, product id, service tag and
asset tag. Set service and asset tags on Dell machines. Manipulate wireless
cards/bluetooth on Dell laptops. Set BIOS password on select Dell systems.
Update BIOS on select Dell systems. Set LCD brightness on select Dell laptops.

Version: 2.4.3

General Commands

smbios-battery-ctl ../src/bin/smbios-battery-ctl
smbios-keyboard-ctl ../src/bin/smbios-keyboard-ctl
smbios-lcd-brightness ../src/bin/smbios-lcd-brightness
smbios-passwd ../src/bin/smbios-passwd
smbios-sys-info ../src/bin/smbios-sys-info
smbios-thermal-ctl ../src/bin/smbios-thermal-ctl
smbios-token-ctl ../src/bin/smbios-token-ctl
smbios-wakeup-ctl ../src/bin/smbios-wakeup-ctl
smbios-wireless-ctl ../src/bin/smbios-wireless-ctl