Package slv2-devel

Development libraries and headers for slv2

SLV2 is a library to make the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible for
applications. It is written in standard C using the Redland RDF toolkit. The
Data (RDF) and code (shared library) functionality in SLV2 is strictly
separated so it is simple to control where each is used (e.g. it is possible
to discover/investigate plugins and related data without loading any shared
libraries, avoiding the associated risks).

This package contains the headers and development libraries for SLV2.

Version: 0.6.6

See also: slv2.

Library Functions

slv2 SLV2
slv2_collections Collections of values/objects
slv2_data Plugin data access
slv2_library Plugin library access
slv2_util Utility functions
slv2_world Global library state