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Package slurm-torque

Torque/PBS wrappers for transition from Torque/PBS to Slurm


Torque wrapper scripts used for helping migrate from Torque/PBS to Slurm.

Version: 22.05.11

See also: slurm, slurm-contribs, slurm-gui, slurm-openlava, slurm-slurmctld, slurm-slurmd, slurm-slurmdbd.

General Commands

mpiexec Run an MPI program under Slurm
pbsnodes display and manipulate host information in a PBS-like format
qalter alter a job name, the job rerun flag or the job output file name.
qdel deletes jobs in a familiar pbs format
qhold places a hold on jobs in a familiar pbs format
qrerun The qrerun command directs that the specified job is to be rerun if possible.
qrls release a hold on a job in a familiar pbs format
qstat display job/partition information in a familiar pbs format
qsub submit a batch job in a familiar PBS format