Package slurm

Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management

Slurm is an open source, fault-tolerant, and highly scalable
cluster management and job scheduling system for Linux clusters.
Components include machine status, partition management,
job management, scheduling and accounting modules.

See also: slurm-contribs, slurm-devel, slurm-gui, slurm-openlava, slurm-slurmctld, slurm-slurmd, slurm-slurmdbd, slurm-torque.

General Commands
Command Description
sacct displays accounting data for all jobs and job steps in the Slurm job accounting...
sacctmgr Used to view and modify Slurm account information.
salloc Obtain a Slurm job allocation (a set of nodes), execute a command, and then...
sattach Attach to a Slurm job step.
sbatch Submit a batch script to Slurm.
sbcast transmit a file to the nodes allocated to a Slurm job.
scancel Used to signal jobs or job steps that are under the control of Slurm.
scontrol view or modify Slurm configuration and state.
sdiag Scheduling diagnostic tool for Slurm
sh5util Tool for merging HDF5 files from the acct_gather_profile plugin that gathers...
sinfo view information about Slurm nodes and partitions.
slurm Slurm Workload Manager overview.
sprio view the factors that comprise a job's scheduling priority
squeue view information about jobs located in the Slurm scheduling queue.
sreport Generate reports from the slurm accounting data.
srun Run parallel jobs
sshare Tool for listing the shares of associations to a cluster.
sstat Display various status information of a running job/step.
strigger Used set, get or clear Slurm trigger information.
File Formats
File Description
acct_gather.conf Slurm configuration file for the acct_gather plugins
burst_buffer.conf Slurm configuration file for burst buffer management.
cgroup.conf Slurm configuration file for the cgroup support
ext_sensors.conf Slurm configuration file for the external sensors plugin
gres.conf Slurm configuration file for Generic RESource (GRES) management.
knl.conf Slurm configuration file for Intel Knights Landing processor.
nonstop.conf Slurm configuration file for fault-tolerant computing.
slurm.conf Slurm configuration file
topology.conf Slurm configuration file for defining the network topology
System Administration
Command Description
spank Slurm Plug-in Architecture for Node and job (K)control