Package sleuthkit

The Sleuth Kit (TSK)

The Sleuth Kit (TSK) is a collection of UNIX-based command line tools that
allow you to investigate a computer. The current focus of the tools is the
file and volume systems and TSK supports FAT, Ext2/3, NTFS, UFS,
and ISO 9660 file systems

General Commands
Command Description
blkcalc Converts between unallocated disk unit numbers and regular disk unit numbers.
blkcat Display the contents of file system data unit in a disk image.
blkls List or output file system data units.
blkstat Display details of a file system data unit (i.e. block or sector)
ffind Finds the name of the file or directory using a given inode
fls List file and directory names in a disk image.
fsstat Display general details of a file system
hfind Lookup a hash value in a hash database
ifind Find the meta-data structure that has allocated a given disk unit or file name.
ils List inode information
img_cat Output contents of an image file.
img_stat Display details of an image file
istat Display details of a meta-data structure (i.e. inode)
jcat Show the contents of a block in the file system journal.
jls List the contents of a file system journal
mactime Create an ASCII time line of file activity
mmcat Output the contents of a partition to stdout
mmls Display the partition layout of a volume system (partition tables)
mmstat Display details about the volume system (partition tables)
sigfind Find a binary signature in a file
sorter Sort files in an image into categories based on file type
tsk_comparedir compare the contents of a directory with the contents of an image or local...
tsk_gettimes Collect MAC times from a disk image into a body file.
tsk_loaddb populate a SQLite database with metadata from a disk image
tsk_recover Export files from an image into a local directory
usnjls List the contents of a NTFS Update Sequence Number journal