Package skylable-sx-client

Skylable SX client

Skylable SX client software.

General Commands
Command Description
sxacl manage users and permissions
sxacl-useradd create a new user
sxacl-userclone clone an existing user
sxacl-userdel remove an existing user
sxacl-usergetkey get key of a specific user
sxacl-userlist list all users in a cluster
sxacl-usermod change user settings
sxacl-usernewkey change (password based) user authentication key
sxacl-volperm manage volume permissions
sxacl-volshow list an access control list for a volume
sxacl-whoami print effective username
sxcat concatenate files and print on the standard output
sxcp Copy files from, to and between SX clusters
sxfs filesystem client based on Skylable SX
sxinit manage local access configuration for SX clusters
sxls list available volumes and their contents
sxmv move files between SX volumes and clusters
sxreport-client generate a report about the system and client configuration
sxrev manage file revisions
sxrev-copy copy a specific revision of a file
sxrev-delete delete a revision
sxrev-list list revisions
sxrm remove files or directories
sxsim simulate data distribution in SX clusters
sxvol manage volumes and filters
sxvol-create create volumes on SX clusters
sxvol-filter display information about filters
sxvol-modify modify existing volumes
sxvol-remove remove volumes from SX clusters
sxvol-rename rename an SX volume