Package skylable-sx

A reliable and scalable storage cluster

Skylable SX is a storage cluster solution featuring a shared-nothing
architecture, built with the goal of being scalable, reliable, secure and fast.

You control how many copies of your data you want to keep on a per-volume
basis. In case of node failure, your data will be still available on the
surviving nodes. When you replace the dead node with a new one, the new node
will be automatically repopulated with a copy of your data.

If your data needs outgrow the size of your cluster, you can grow the size of
your existing nodes or add new nodes. The cluster will automatically rebalance
the data among all nodes of the cluster using our optimized version of the
consistent hashing algorithm.

Skylable SX supports deduplication, client-side encryption, on-the-fly
compression and encrypts all communications (client-to-server and
server-to-server) by default.

File Formats
File Description
sxfcgi.conf configuration file for sx.fcgi
sxsetup.conf configuration file for sxsetup
System Administration
Command Description
sxadm manage SX clusters and individual nodes
sxadm-cluster manage SX clusters
sxadm-node create a node and manage a local storage
sx.fcgi SX FastCGI Server
sxreport-server collect configuration and logs from SX nodes
sxserver start and stop SX services
sxserver_selinux Security Enhanced Linux Policy for the sxserver processes
sxsetup configure and display information about an SX node