Package skopeo

Inspect container images and repositories on registries

Command line utility to inspect images and repositories directly on Docker
registries without the need to pull them

Version: 1.15.0

General Commands

skopeo Command line utility used to interact with local and remote container images and container image registries
skopeo-copy Copy an image (manifest, filesystem layers, signatures) from one location to another.
skopeo-delete Mark the image-name for later deletion by the registry's garbage collector.
skopeo-generate-sigstore-key Generate a sigstore public/private key pair.
skopeo-inspect Return low-level information about image-name in a registry.
skopeo-list-tags List image names in a transport-specific collection of images.
skopeo-login Login to a container registry.
skopeo-logout Logout of a container registry.
skopeo-manifest-digest Compute a manifest digest for a manifest-file and write it to standard output.
skopeo-standalone-sign Debugging tool — Publish and sign an image in one step.
skopeo-standalone-verify Verify an image signature.
skopeo-sync Synchronize images between registry repositories and local directories.