Package skopeo

Inspect container images and repositories on registries

Command line utility to inspect images and repositories directly on Docker
registries without the need to pull them

General Commands

skopeo Command line utility used to interact with local and remote container images and container image registries
skopeo-copy Copy an image (manifest, filesystem layers, signatures) from one location to another.
skopeo-delete Mark image-name for deletion.
skopeo-inspect Return low-level information about image-name in a registry
skopeo-list-tags Return a list of tags the transport-specific image repository
skopeo-login Login to a container registry
skopeo-logout Logout of a container registry
skopeo-manifest-digest skopeo-manifest-digest -Compute a manifest digest of manifest-file and write it to standard output.
skopeo-standalone-sign Simple Sign an image
skopeo-standalone-verify Verify an image signature
skopeo-sync Synchronize images between container registries and local directories.