Package singularity

Application and environment virtualization

Singularity provides functionality to make portable
containers that can be used across host environments.

General Commands
Command Description
singularity Linux container platform optimized for High Performance Computing (HPC) and...
singularity-apps apps <image path>
singularity-build Build a new Singularity container
singularity-cache Manage your local singularity cache
singularity-cache-clean Clean your local Singularity cache
singularity-cache-list List your local Singularity cache
singularity-capability Manage Linux capabilities on containers
singularity-capability-add Add authorized capabilities for a given user/group
singularity-capability-drop Drop authorized capabilities for a given user/group
singularity-capability-list List authorized capabilities for the given user/group.
singularity-exec Execute a command within container
singularity-inspect Display metadata for container if available
singularity-instance Manage containers running in the background
singularity-instance-list List all running and named Singularity instances
singularity-instance-start Start a named instance of the given container image
singularity-instance-stop Stop a named instance of a given container image
singularity-key Manage OpenPGP key stores
singularity-keys-list List keys from the default key store
singularity-keys-newpair Create a new OpenPGP key pair
singularity-keys-pull Fetch an OpenPGP public key from a key server
singularity-keys-push Upload an OpenPGP public key to a key server
singularity-keys-search Search for keys matching string argument
singularity-oci Manage OCI containers
singularity-oci-attach Attach console to a running container process (root user only)
singularity-oci-create Create a container from a bundle directory (root user only)
singularity-oci-delete Delete container (root user only)
singularity-oci-exec Execute a command within container (root user only)
singularity-oci-kill Kill a container (root user only)
singularity-oci-mount Mount create an OCI bundle from SIF image (root user only)
singularity-oci-pause Suspends all processes inside the container (root user only)
singularity-oci-resume Resumes all processes previously paused inside the container (root user only)
singularity-oci-run Create/start/attach/delete a container from a bundle directory (root user only)
singularity-oci-start Start container process (root user only)
singularity-oci-state Query state of a container (root user only)
singularity-oci-umount Umount delete bundle (root user only)
singularity-oci-update Update container cgroups resources (root user only)
singularity-pull Pull a container from a URI
singularity-push Push a container to a Library URI
singularity-run Launch a runscript within container
singularity-run-help Display help for container if available
singularity-search Search the library
singularity-shell Run a Bourne shell within container
singularity-sign Attach cryptographic signatures to container
singularity-test Run defined tests for this particular container
singularity-verify Verify cryptographic signatures on container
singularity-version Show application version