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Package sing

Sends fully customized ICMP packets from command line


Sing is a little tool that sends fully customized ICMP packets from command
line. The main purpose is to replace/complement the nice ping command with
certain enhancements as:

 - Send fragmented and monster packets > 65534 bytes
 - Send/read spoofed packets
 - Send many ICMP Information types in addition to the echo request type,
   sent by default as address mask request, timestamp, information request,
   router solicitation and router advertisement
 - Send many ICMP error types: redirect, source quench, time exceeded,
   destination unreach and parameter problem
 - Send to host with loose or strict source routing
 - Use little fingerprinting techniques to discover Windows or Solaris boxes
 - Send ICMP packets emulating certain OS: Cisco, Solaris, Linux, Shiva,
   Unix and Windows at the moment

Version: 1.1

System Administration

sing Send ICMP Nasty Garbage packets to network hosts