Package SILLY-devel

Development files for SILLY

Version: 0.1.0

Library Functions

SILLY Simple Image Loading LibrarY namespace.
SILLY_DataSource This is an abstract class used to provide data to the loader.
SILLY_FileDataSource This class allow the loading of an image directly from a file.
SILLY_Image Image is the main user class of the library.
SILLY_ImageContext Store the data needed by an ImageLoader object during the parsing of an image.
SILLY_ImageLoader This is an abstract class that define the interface of all image loader.
SILLY_ImageLoaderManager Manage the list of all supported ImageLoader.
SILLY_JPGImageContext Image Context for JPG image loader.
SILLY_JPGImageLoader Loader class for JPG Image.
SILLY_MemoryDataSource Load an image from a memory area.
SILLY_PNGImageContext Image Context for PNG Image Loader.
SILLY_PNGImageLoader Loader for PNG Image.
SILLY_TGAImageContext Image Context for Targa image.
SILLY_TGAImageLoader Loader for Targa image.