Package sigul

A signing server and related software client

A signing server, which lets authorized users sign data without having any
access to the necessary private key, a client for the server, and a "bridge"
that connects the two.

General Commands (Section 1)
Connects to a sigul server through a sigul bridge to perform COMMAND.
Sets up a NSS database at ~/.sigul, which is used by the sigul command in its default configuration, using certificates used for Fedora build system access. The...
System Administration (Section 8)
Repeatedly waits for a connection from a signing server and from a client, authenticates the client request, verifies it and forwards it to the signing server...
Repeatedly connects to a sigul_bridge to receive and and act upon a request from a client,
Adds a signing server administrator account to a signing server. Prompts for the administrator acocunt name and password.
Creates a database used by a signing server.