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Package shorewall6

Files for the IPV6 Shorewall Firewall


This package contains the files required for IPV6 functionality of the
Shoreline Firewall (shorewall).

Version: 5.2.8

See also: shorewall6-lite.

File Formats

shorewall6-accounting alias for shorewall-accounting
shorewall6-actions alias for shorewall-actions
shorewall6-blrules alias for shorewall-blrules
shorewall6-conntrack alias for shorewall-conntrack
shorewall6-exclusion alias for shorewall-exclusion
shorewall6-hosts alias for shorewall-hosts
shorewall6-interfaces alias for shorewall-interfaces
shorewall6-ipsets alias for shorewall-ipsets
shorewall6-maclist alias for shorewall-maclist
shorewall6-mangle alias for shorewall-mangle
shorewall6-modules alias for shorewall-modules
shorewall6-nat alias for shorewall-nat
shorewall6-nesting alias for shorewall-nesting
shorewall6-netmap alias for shorewall-netmap
shorewall6-params alias for shorewall-params
shorewall6-policy alias for shorewall-policy
shorewall6-providers alias for shorewall-providers
shorewall6-proxyndp alias for shorewall-proxyndp
shorewall6-routes alias for shorewall-routes
shorewall6-rtrules alias for shorewall-rtrules
shorewall6-rules alias for shorewall-rules
shorewall6-secmarks alias for shorewall-secmarks
shorewall6-snat alias for shorewall-snat
shorewall6-stoppedrules alias for shorewall-stoppedrules
shorewall6-tcclasses alias for shorewall-tcclasses
shorewall6-tcdevices alias for shorewall-tcdevices
shorewall6-tcfilters alias for shorewall-tcfilters
shorewall6-tcinterfaces alias for shorewall-tcinterfaces
shorewall6-tcpri alias for shorewall-tcpri
shorewall6-tunnels alias for shorewall-tunnels
shorewall6-vardir alias for shorewall-vardir
shorewall6-zones alias for shorewall-zones
shorewall6.conf alias for shorewall.conf

System Administration

shorewall6 Administration tool for Shoreline Firewall 6 (Shorewall6)