Package shapelib-tools

shapelib utility programs

This package contains various utility programs distributed with shapelib.

Version: 1.5.0

General Commands

Shape_PointInPoly calculate a point in a polygon
dbfadd add a row to an xBase DBF file
dbfcat appends the records of a source xBase file
dbfcreate Create an empty xBase DBF file
dbfdump dumps the content of a xBase file to the terminal
dbfinfo Displays basic information for a given xBase file
shpadd append a shape to an ESRI shapefile
shpcat appends the records of a source shapefile
shpcentrd computes XY centroid for polygon shapefiles
shpcreate create an empty ESRI shapefile
shpdata Utility program for testing elements of the libraries.
shpdump dumps as text and/or validates the content of an ESRI shapefile
shpdxf creates a DXF from an existing shapefield
shpfix fix nulls and inconsistencies in shapefiles
shpinfo Displays basic information for a given shapefile
shpproj Reproject Shapefiles using PROJ
shprewind validates and resets the winding order of rings
shpsort rewrite a shapefile sorted by a field or by the geometry
shptest create some shapefiles for testing
shptreedump dump an ASCII representation of a quadtree
shputils shapefile utility
shpwkb test WKB binary Input / Output