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Package sequoia-sq

Command-line frontends for Sequoia


Version: 0.37.0

General Commands

sq-autocrypt Communicate certificates using Autocrypt
sq-autocrypt-decode Read Autocrypt-encoded certificates
sq-autocrypt-encode-sender Encode a certificate into an Autocrypt header
sq-autocrypt-import Import Autocrypt-encoded certificates
sq-cert Manage certificates
sq-cert-export Export certificates from the local certificate store
sq-cert-import Import certificates into the local certificate store
sq-cert-lint Check certificates for issues
sq-decrypt Decrypt a message
sq-encrypt Encrypt a message
sq-inspect Inspect data, like file(1)
sq-key Manage keys
sq-key-adopt Bind keys from one certificate to another
sq-key-attest-certifications Attest to third-party certifications
sq-key-delete Delete a certificate's secret key material
sq-key-expire Change expiration times
sq-key-export Export keys from the key store
sq-key-generate Generate a new key
sq-key-import Import keys into the key store
sq-key-list List keys managed by the key store
sq-key-password Change the password protecting secret key material
sq-key-revoke Revoke a certificate
sq-key-subkey Manage subkeys
sq-key-subkey-add Add a new subkey to a certificate
sq-key-subkey-expire Change a subkey's expiration time
sq-key-subkey-revoke Revoke a subkey
sq-key-userid Manage User IDs
sq-key-userid-add Add a user ID
sq-key-userid-revoke Revoke a user ID
sq-key-userid-strip Strip a user ID
sq-network Retrieve and publish certificates over the network
sq-network-dane Retrieve and publishes certificates via DANE
sq-network-dane-fetch Retrieve certificates using DANE
sq-network-dane-generate Generate DANE records for the given domain and certs
sq-network-fetch Retrieve certificates using all supported network services
sq-network-keyserver Retrieve and publishes certificates via key servers
sq-network-keyserver-fetch Retrieve certificates from key servers
sq-network-keyserver-publish Publish certificates on key servers
sq-network-wkd Retrieve and publishes certificates via Web Key Directories
sq-network-wkd-direct-url Print the direct Web Key Directory URL of an email address
sq-network-wkd-fetch Retrieve certificates from a Web Key Directory
sq-network-wkd-generate Generate a Web Key Directory for the given domain and certs
sq-network-wkd-url Print the advanced Web Key Directory URL of an email address
sq-pki Authenticate certs using the Web of Trust
sq-pki-authenticate Authenticate a binding
sq-pki-certify Certify a User ID for a Certificate
sq-pki-identify Identify a certificate
sq-pki-link Manage authenticated certificate and User ID links
sq-pki-link-add Link a certificate and a User ID
sq-pki-link-list List links
sq-pki-link-retract Retract links
sq-pki-list List all authenticated bindings (User ID and certificate pairs)
sq-pki-lookup Lookup the certificates associated with a User ID
sq-pki-path Verify the specified path
sq-sign Sign messages or data files
sq-toolbox Tools for developers, maintainers, and forensic specialists
sq-toolbox-armor Convert binary to ASCII
sq-toolbox-dearmor Convert ASCII to binary
sq-toolbox-extract-cert Convert a key to a cert
sq-toolbox-keyring Manage collections of keys or certs
sq-toolbox-keyring-filter Join keys into a keyring applying a filter
sq-toolbox-keyring-list List keys in a keyring
sq-toolbox-keyring-merge Merge keys or keyrings into a single keyring
sq-toolbox-keyring-split Split a keyring into individual keys
sq-toolbox-packet Low-level packet manipulation
sq-toolbox-packet-decrypt Unwrap an encryption container
sq-toolbox-packet-dump List packets
sq-toolbox-packet-join Join packets split across files
sq-toolbox-packet-split Split a message into packets
sq-verify Verify signed messages or detached signatures
sq-version Detailed version and output version information