Package sdparm

List or change SCSI/SATA disk parameters

SCSI disk parameters are held in mode pages. This utility lists or
changes those parameters. Other SCSI devices (or devices that use the
SCSI command set e.g. some SATA devices) such as CD/DVD and tape
drives may also find parts of sdparm useful.

Fetches Vital Product Data pages. Can send commands to start or stop
the media and load or unload removable media.

Warning: It is possible (but unlikely) to change SCSI disk settings
such that the disk stops operating or is slowed down. Use with care.

System Administration (Section 8)
This bash shell script attempts to blink the LED on the SAS disk referred to by DEVICE. By default the LED will blink for 30 seconds. This is meant to help...
This bash shell script attempts to read or change the Software Write Protect (SWP) bit in the SCSI Control mode page using the sdparm utility. If that change is...
This utility fetches and potentially changes SCSI device (e.g. disk) mode pages. Inquiry data including Vital Product Data (VPD) pages can also be displayed...