Package scotch

Graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning library

Scotch is a software package for graph and mesh/hypergraph partitioning and
sparse matrix ordering. The parallel scotch libraries are packaged in the
ptscotch sub-packages.

Version: 6.1.2

General Commands

scotch_acpl compile a target architectures
scotch_amk_ccc create target architectures
scotch_amk_grf create target architecture from source graph
scotch_atst test the consistency of target architectures
scotch_gbase sets the base value of a source graph
scotch_gcv graph file converter
scotch_gdump dumps the contents of a source graph as a source code
scotch_gmap compute static mappings and partitions sequentially
scotch_gmk_hy create source graphs
scotch_gmk_msh create source graph from source mesh
scotch_gmtst compute statistics on mappings
scotch_gord compute sparse matrix orderings of graphs
scotch_gotst compute statistics on sparse matrix orderings
scotch_gout output graphics from matrices and graphs
scotch_gtst test the consistency of source graphs
scotch_mcv mesh file converter
scotch_mmk_m2 create source meshes
scotch_mord compute sparse matrix orderings of meshes
scotch_mtst test the consistency of source meshes