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Package scalasca

Toolset for performance analysis of large-scale parallel applications


Scalasca is a software tool that supports the performance optimization
of parallel programs by measuring and analyzing their runtime
behavior. The analysis identifies potential performance bottlenecks –
in particular those concerning communication and synchronization – and
offers guidance in exploring their causes.

Scalasca targets mainly scientific and engineering applications based
on the programming interfaces MPI and OpenMP, including hybrid
applications based on a combination of the two. The tool has been
specifically designed for use on large-scale systems, but is also well
suited for small- and medium-scale HPC platforms.

Version: 2.6.1

General Commands

scalasca Scalasca information and proxy command
scout Scalasca parallel trace analyzer
scout.hyb alias for scout
scout.mpi alias for scout
scout.omp alias for scout
scout.ser alias for scout
square Scalasca analysis report explorer