Package sblim-sfcc

Small Footprint CIM Client Library

Small Footprint CIM Client Library Runtime Libraries

Version: 2.2.8

Library Functions

CMCIClient CIMOM Client Library object
CMCIClientFT.associatorNames Enumerate ObjectPaths associated with an Instance
CMCIClientFT.associators Enumerate instances associated with an Instance
CMCIClientFT.createInstance Create class instance
CMCIClientFT.deleteInstance Delete class instance
CMCIClientFT.enumClassNames Enumerate class names
CMCIClientFT.enumClasses Enumerate classes and subclasss
CMCIClientFT.enumInstanceNames Enumerate instance names of a class
CMCIClientFT.enumInstances Enumerate instances of a class
CMCIClientFT.execQuery Query the enumeration of instances of a class
CMCIClientFT.getClass Get class as reference
CMCIClientFT.getInstance Get class instance
CMCIClientFT.getProperty Get a named property value of an instance
CMCIClientFT.invokeMethod Invoke a named method of an instance
CMCIClientFT.referenceNames Enumerate association ObjectPaths for a class instance
CMCIClientFT.references Enumerate association instances for a class instance
CMCIClientFT.setInstance Replace class instance
CMCIClientFT.setProperty Set a named property value of an instance
CMPIArgs CMPIArgs class implementation
CMPIDateTime CMPIDateTime class implementation
CMPIEnumeration CMPIEnumeration class implementation
CMPIInstance CMPIInstance class implementation
CMPIObjectPath CMPIObjectPath class implementation
CMPIStatus CMPIStatus class implementation
CMPIString CMPIString class implementation
CMPIValue CMPIValue class implementation
cmciConnect Create a CMCIClient object and connection