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Package samba

Server and Client software to interoperate with Windows machines


Samba is the standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and

Version: 4.20.2

See also: samba-client, samba-common, samba-common-tools, samba-dc, samba-dcerpc, samba-gpupdate, samba-krb5-printing, samba-pidl, samba-test, samba-tools, samba-vfs-cephfs, samba-vfs-glusterfs, samba-vfs-iouring, samba-winbind, samba-winbind-clients, samba-winbind-krb5-locator, samba-winbind-modules, samba-winexe.

General Commands

smbstatus report on current Samba connections

System Administration

eventlogadm push records into the Samba event log store
nmbd NetBIOS name server to provide NetBIOS over IP naming services to clients
samba-bgqd This is an internal helper program performing asynchronous printing-related jobs.
smbd server to provide SMB/CIFS services to clients
vfs_acl_tdb Save NTFS-ACLs in a tdb file
vfs_acl_xattr Save NTFS-ACLs in Extended Attributes (EAs)
vfs_aio_fork implement async I/O in Samba vfs
vfs_aio_pthread implement async open in Samba vfs using a pthread pool
vfs_audit record selected Samba VFS operations in the system log
vfs_btrfs Utilize features provided by the Btrfs filesystem
vfs_cap CAP encode filenames
vfs_catia translate illegal characters in Catia filenames
vfs_commit flush dirty data at specified intervals
vfs_crossrename server side rename files across filesystem boundaries
vfs_default_quota store default quota records for Windows clients
vfs_dirsort Sort directory contents
vfs_expand_msdfs Expand msdfs links depending on client IP
vfs_extd_audit record selected Samba VFS operations
vfs_fake_perms enable read only Roaming Profiles
vfs_fileid Generates file_id structs with unique device id values for cluster setups. It also adds ways to deliberately break lock coherency for specific inodes
vfs_fruit Enhanced OS X and Netatalk interoperability
vfs_full_audit record Samba VFS operations in the system log
vfs_glusterfs_fuse Utilize features provided by GlusterFS
vfs_gpfs gpfs specific samba extensions like acls
vfs_linux_xfs_sgid Workaround XFS sgid bit not inherited
vfs_media_harmony Allow multiple Avid clients to share a network drive.
vfs_offline Mark all files as offline
vfs_preopen Hide read latencies for applications reading numbered files
vfs_readahead pre-load the kernel buffer cache
vfs_readonly make a Samba share read only for a specified time period
vfs_recycle Samba VFS recycle bin
vfs_shadow_copy Expose snapshots to Windows clients as shadow copies.
vfs_shadow_copy2 Expose snapshots to Windows clients as shadow copies.
vfs_shell_snap Shell script callouts for snapshot creation and deletion
vfs_snapper Expose snapshots managed by snapper as shadow-copies
vfs_streams_depot EXPERIMENTAL module to store alternate data streams in a central directory.
vfs_streams_xattr Store alternate data streams in posix xattrs
vfs_syncops Ensure meta data operations are performed synchronously.
vfs_time_audit samba vfs module to log slow VFS operations
vfs_unityed_media Allow multiple Avid clients to share a network drive.
vfs_virusfilter On access virus scanner
vfs_widelinks make a Samba share ignore filesystem symbolic links inside a share
vfs_worm disallows writes for older file
vfs_xattr_tdb Save Extended Attributes (EAs) in a tdb file