Package s390utils

Utilities and daemons for IBM z Systems

This is a meta package for installing the default s390-tools sub packages.
If you do not need all default sub packages, it is recommended to install the
required sub packages separately.

The s390utils packages contain a set of user space utilities that should to
be used together with the zSeries (s390) Linux kernel and device drivers.

Version: 2.29.0

General Commands

genprotimg Create a protected virtualization image
pvattest create, perform, and verify attestation measurements
pvattest-create create an attestation measurement request
pvattest-perform execute an attestation measurement request
pvattest-verify verify an attestation measurement
pvsecret Manage secrets for IBM Secure Execution guests
pvsecret-add Repeat an add-secret request (s390x only)
pvsecret-create Create a new add-secret request
pvsecret-create-association Use an association secret to connect an I/O device to a guest
pvsecret-create-meta Use a meta secret to carry flags to the ultravisor
pvsecret-list List all ultravisor secrets (s390x only)
pvsecret-lock Lock the secret-store (s390x only)
pvsecret-version pvsecret version- Print version information and exit