Package runc

CLI for running Open Containers

The runc command can be used to start containers which are packaged
in accordance with the Open Container Initiative's specifications,
and to manage containers running under runc.

Version: 1.0.2

System Administration

runc Open Container Initiative runtime
runc-checkpoint checkpoint a running container
runc-create create a container
runc-delete delete any resources held by the container often used with detached container
runc-events display container events such as OOM notifications, cpu, memory, and IO usage statistics
runc-exec execute new process inside the container
runc-kill kill sends the specified signal (default: SIGTERM) to the container's init process
runc-list lists containers started by runc with the given root
runc-pause pause suspends all processes inside the container
runc-ps ps displays the processes running inside a container
runc-restore restore a container from a previous checkpoint
runc-resume resumes all processes that have been previously paused
runc-run create and run a container
runc-spec create a new specification file
runc-start start executes the user defined process in a created container
runc-state output the state of a container
runc-update update container resource constraints