Package rtla

RTLA: Real-Time Linux Analysis tools

The rtla tool is a meta-tool that includes a set of commands that
aims to analyze the real-time properties of Linux. But, instead of
testing Linux as a black box, rtla leverages kernel tracing
capabilities to provide precise information about the properties
and root causes of unexpected results.

Version: 6.6.0

General Commands

rtla Real-time Linux Analysis tool
rtla-hwnoise Detect and quantify hardware-related noise
rtla-osnoise Measure the operating system noise
rtla-osnoise-hist Display a histogram of the osnoise tracer samples
rtla-osnoise-top Display a summary of the operating system noise
rtla-timerlat Measures the operating system timer latency
rtla-timerlat-hist Histograms of the operating system timer latency
rtla-timerlat-top Measures the operating system timer latency