Package rtfilter-devel

Development files for rtfilter

The rtfilter-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use rtfilter.

Version: 1.1

Library Functions

rtf_create_bandpass_analytic Creates an IIR filter estimating the analytic signal in a bandpass.
rtf_create_butterworth alias for rtf_create_chebychev
rtf_create_chebychev Creates IIR Chebychev and Butterwoth filters
rtf_create_downsampler Creates downsampling filter
rtf_create_filter Creates a custom filter
rtf_create_fir_bandpass alias for rtf_create_fir_lowpass
rtf_create_fir_highpass alias for rtf_create_fir_lowpass
rtf_create_fir_lowpass Creates FIR lowpass, highpass and bandpass windowed sinc filters
rtf_destroy_filter destroys a filter
rtf_filter filters a chunk of data
rtf_get_type Gets the input or output data type of a filter
rtf_get_version Returns the version of the library
rtf_init_filter Reinitialize the filter with given data