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Package rss-glx

Really Slick Screensavers


A port of the Really Slick Screensavers to GLX. Provides several visually
impressive and graphically intensive screensavers.

Note that this package contains only the display hacks themselves; you will
need to install the appropriate subpackage for your desktop environment in
order to use them as screensavers.

Version: 0.9.1.p

General Commands

rss-glx-biof rotating stack of quads.
rss-glx-busyspheres particle spheres.
rss-glx-colorfire Color-fire-explosion-thing-effect.
rss-glx-cyclone tornado screen saver.
rss-glx-drempels Hallucinatory desktop enhancer.
rss-glx-euphoria floating wisps.
rss-glx-feedback Stirring colors with a jiggling warp.
rss-glx-fieldlines simulation of the electric field lines between charged particles.
rss-glx-flocks floating wisps.
rss-glx-flux flux fields and stuff.
rss-glx-helios attraction/repulsion particle effects and some smooth surfaces.
rss-glx-hufo_smoke particle smoke effect.
rss-glx-hufo_tunnel tunnel saver.
rss-glx-hyperspace Flying through hyper space.
rss-glx-lattice linked rings.
rss-glx-lorenz Lorenz Attractor.
rss-glx-pixelcity Procedural city fly through.
rss-glx-plasma oozing plasma.
rss-glx-skyrocket fireworks show.
rss-glx-solarwinds mesmerizing particle effects saver.
rss-glx-spirographx animated spirographs
rss-glx-sundancer2 rotating stack of quads.