rpmrebuild plugin

Package “rpmrebuild plugin” has 9 man pages.

this plugin force the rpm internal digest to be compatible with rpm 4.4.x
this plugin is to show how the plugin work on files it will just show the files (with find -ls command) in the package. The package is not modified.
this plugin is to show how the plugin work it will just add plugin type name begin of line in spec file. The spec file will not work any more but will show...
this plugin is to replace all package's files dependencies to package dependencies. For example, a dependency to /bin/bash will be changed to a dependency to...
this plugin is to suppress documentation : man pages and package doc
this plugin allow to replace a tag value in spec file
this plugin is to suppress duplicate lines in specfile. For example, a package which contains several shell scripts will be added in rpm building several...
use this plugin to revert prelink. prelink is a program which modifies ELF shared libraries and ELF dynam- ically linked binaries, so that the time which...
this plugin allow to comment a tag key in spec file