Package rpm-ostree

Hybrid image/package system

rpm-ostree is a hybrid image/package system.  It supports
"composing" packages on a build server into an OSTree repository,
which can then be replicated by client systems with atomic upgrades.
Additionally, unlike many "pure" image systems, with rpm-ostree
each client system can layer on additional packages, providing
a "best of both worlds" approach.

See also: rpm, rpm-build, rpm-devel, rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit, rpm-sign.

General Commands
Command Description
rpm-ostree Hybrid image/package system for host operating system updates
File Formats
File Description
rpm-ostreed.conf RPM-OSTree daemon configuration file
System Administration
Command Description
rpm-ostreed-automatic.service Runs automatic updates policy
rpm-ostreed-automatic.timer alias for rpm-ostreed-automatic.service