Package rolekit

A server daemon with D-Bus interface providing a server roles

rolekit is a server daemon that provides a D-Bus interface and server roles.

General Commands (Section 1)
rolectl is the command line tool for rolekit, which provids an interface to manage the deployment of Server Roles.
roled is a daemon for Linux systems providing a stable D-BUS interface to manage the deployment of Server Roles.
File Formats (Section 5)
rolekit is a server role deployment and management toolkit. A server role could be seen as a service or a use case that is providing several services. A...
This is the basic rolekit object path structure. The used interfaces are explained below in the section called “Interfaces”.
rolekit role descripion
The Database Server role provides a scalable database powered by the PostgreSQL project.
The Domain Controller role provides a comprehensive identity management solution for Linux clients. This role can provide management tools for users...
The Memory Cache Server Role provides a high-performance memory object caching system useful for speeding up web applications by reducing database updates.