Package ripright

Minimal CD to FLAC ripper

RipRight is a minimal CD ripper modeled on autorip. It can run as a daemon and
will automatically start ripping any CD found in the drive after which the
disc will be ejected. Ripping is always to FLAC lossless audio format with
tags taken from the community-maintained MusicBrainz lookup service and cover
art from Amazon where possible. If a disc is unknown to MusicBrainz, the CD
will be ejected without ripping and can also be optionally rejected if cover
art cannot be found.

With RipRight, ripping a CD collection is just a matter of feeding your Linux
PC each CD in turn and waiting while they are ripped. CDs which are
immediately ejected can be checked with the MusicBrainz Picard tool which
allows CD identifiers to be uploaded to the website database. Any errors or
inaccuracies in the database records can also be edited on the MusicBrainz.

General Commands
Command Description
riparrange FLAC file organiser
ripright CD ripper