Package restic

Fast, secure, efficient backup program

A backup program that is easy, fast, verifiable, secure, efficient and free.

Backup destinations can be:
*REST Server
*Amazon S3
*Minio Server
*OpenStack Swift
*Backblaze B2
*Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
*Google Cloud Storage
*Other Services via rclone
General Commands
Command Description
restic Backup and restore files
restic-backup Create a new backup of files and/or directories
restic-cache Operate on local cache directories
restic-cat Print internal objects to stdout
restic-check Check the repository for errors
restic-diff Show differences between two snapshots
restic-dump Print a backed-up file to stdout
restic-find Find a file, a directory or restic IDs
restic-forget Remove snapshots from the repository
restic-generate Generate manual pages and auto-completion files (bash, zsh)
restic-init Initialize a new repository
restic-key Manage keys (passwords)
restic-list List objects in the repository
restic-ls List files in a snapshot
restic-migrate Apply migrations
restic-mount Mount the repository
restic-prune Remove unneeded data from the repository
restic-rebuild-index Build a new index file
restic-restore Extract the data from a snapshot
restic-self-update Update the restic binary
restic-snapshots List all snapshots
restic-stats Scan the repository and show basic statistics
restic-tag Modify tags on snapshots
restic-unlock Remove locks other processes created
restic-version Print version information