Package resiprocate-turn-server


reTurn is the TURN server developed as part of the reSIProcate project.
TURN (RFC 5766) provides a standardised solution for VoIP applications
to find the most efficient way to route media streams when NAT and
firewall devices may be present.
reTurn provides a high-quality, low maintenance solution for serving
small and large IP telephony installations. It has been used successfully
with a variety of SIP and Jabber applications, including Lumicall,
Jitsi, Empathy and Psi.
reSIProcate is a framework that aims to fully implement the SIP protocol
in first class C++. It is intended for use in other applications,
such as the repro SIP proxy.

System Administration
Command Description
reTurnServer reTurn TURN server for NAT traversal