Package remctl-devel

Development files needed to compile C programs against remctl

remctl implements a client/server protocol for running single commands
on a remote host using Kerberos v5 authentication. If you want to develop
programs which use remctl's libraries, you need to install this package.

Version: 3.18

See also: remctl.

Library Functions

remctl Simple remctl call to a remote server
remctl_close Close a remctl connection and free the client object
remctl_command Send a command to a remctl server
remctl_commandv alias for remctl_command
remctl_error Retrieve the error from a failed remctl operation
remctl_new Create a new remctl client
remctl_noop Send a NOOP message to a remctl server
remctl_open Connect to a remote remctl server
remctl_open_addrinfo alias for remctl_open
remctl_open_fd alias for remctl_open
remctl_open_sockaddr alias for remctl_open
remctl_output Retrieve the results of a remctl command
remctl_result_free alias for remctl
remctl_set_ccache Set credential cache for remctl client connections
remctl_set_source_ip Set source IP for remctl client connections
remctl_set_timeout Set timeout for subsequent remctl client operations