Package reiserfs-utils

Tools for creating, repairing, and debugging ReiserFS filesystems

The reiserfs-utils package contains a number of utilities for
creating, checking, modifying, and correcting any inconsistencies in
ReiserFS filesystems, including reiserfsck (used to repair filesystem
inconsistencies), mkreiserfs (used to initialize a partition to
contain an empty ReiserFS filesystem), debugreiserfs (used to examine
the internal structure of a filesystem, to manually repair a corrupted
filesystem, or to create test cases for reiserfsck), and some other
ReiserFS filesystem utilities.

You should install the reiserfs-utils package if you want to use
ReiserFS on any of your partitions.

System Administration
Command Description
debugfs.reiserfs alias for debugreiserfs
debugreiserfs The debugging tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
fsck.reiserfs alias for reiserfsck
mkfs.reiserfs alias for mkreiserfs
mkreiserfs The create tool for the Linux ReiserFS filesystem.
reiserfsck The checking tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
reiserfstune The tunning tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
resize_reiserfs resizer tool for the ReiserFS filesystem
tunefs.reiserfs alias for reiserfstune