Package redhat-lsb

Implementation of Linux Standard Base specification

The Linux Standard Base (LSB) is an attempt to develop a set of standards that
will increase compatibility among Linux distributions. It is designed to be
binary-compatible and produce a stable application binary interface (ABI) for
independent software vendors.

This package is not compliance with LSB, because various
components are missing from Fedora or EPEL, so compliance is not possible.
Fedora or EPEL explicitly declines add support the missing components from LSB
5.0 or earlier because these components are very outdated and have been
removed from the repositories and possibly replaced with new ones.
This package tries its best to comply with the LSB. Hoping to be helpful and
continue to support the LSB project and software that uses it

The lsb package provides utilities, libraries etc. needed for LSB Compliant
Applications. It also contains requirements that will ensure that all
components required by the LSB are installed on the system.

Version: 5.0

General Commands

lsb_release manual page for FSG lsb_release v2.0