Package recoverjpeg

Recover JPEG pictures and MOV movies from damaged devices

Recoverjpeg tries to recover JFIF (JPEG) pictures and MOV movies (using
recovermov) from a peripheral. This may be useful if you mistakenly overwrite
a partition or if a device such as a digital camera memory card is bogus.

Recoverjpeg does not include a complete JPEG parser, there is no automated way
to detect those pictures with a 100% success may need to use
sort-pictures (included in the package) afterwards to identify bogus pictures.
Some pictures may be corrupted but have a correct structure, in this case, the
image may be garbled.

General Commands
Command Description
recoverjpeg recover jpeg pictures from a filesystem image
recovermov recover movies from a filesystem image
remove-duplicates remove duplicates of the same file in the current directory
sort-pictures sort pictures according to exif date