Package RdRand

Library for generating random numbers using the RdRand instruction on Intel CPUs

RdRand is an instruction for returning random numbers from an Intel on-chip
hardware random number generator.RdRand is available in Ivy Bridge and later

It uses cascade construction, combining a HW RNG operating at 3Gbps with CSPRNG
with all components sealed on CPU. The entropy source is a meta-stable circuit,
with unpredictable behavior based on thermal noise. The entropy is fed into
a 3:1 compression ratio entropy extractor (whitener) based on AES-CBC-MAC.
Online statistical tests are performed at this stage and only high quality
random data are used as the seed for cryptographically secure SP800-90 AES-CTR
DRBG compliant PRNG.
This generator is producing maximum of 512 128-bit AES blocks before it's
reseeded. According to documentation the 512 blocks is a upper limit for
reseed, in practice it reseeds much more frequently.

Version: 2.1.4

See also: RdRand-devel.


rdrand-gen Generate randomness by using RdRand on Intel's CPUs.