Package rdma-core-devel

RDMA core development libraries and headers

See also: rdma-core.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
efadv_create_driver_qp Create EFA specific Queue Pair # SYNOPSIS
ibnd_debug alias for ibnd_discover_fabric
ibnd_destroy_fabric alias for ibnd_discover_fabric
ibnd_discover_fabric initialize ibnetdiscover library.
ibnd_find_node_dr alias for ibnd_find_node_guid
ibnd_find_node_guid given a fabric object find the node object within it which matches the guid or...
ibnd_iter_nodes given a fabric object and a function itterate over the nodes in the fabric.
ibnd_iter_nodes_type alias for ibnd_iter_nodes
ibnd_set_max_smps_on_wire alias for ibnd_discover_fabric
ibnd_show_progress alias for ibnd_discover_fabric
ibv_ack_async_event alias for ibv_get_async_event
ibv_ack_cq_events alias for ibv_get_cq_event
ibv_advise_mr Gives advice or directions to the kernel about an address range belongs to a...
ibv_alloc_dm allocate or free a device memory buffer (DMs) and perform memory copy to or from...
ibv_alloc_mw allocate or deallocate a memory window (MW)
ibv_alloc_null_mr allocate a null memory region (MR)
ibv_alloc_parent_domain allocate and deallocate the parent domain object
ibv_alloc_pd allocate or deallocate a protection domain (PDs)
ibv_alloc_td allocate and deallocate thread domain object
ibv_attach_counters_point_flow attach individual counter definition to a flow object
ibv_attach_mcast attach and detach a queue pair (QPs) to/from a multicast group
ibv_bind_mw post a request to bind a type 1 memory window to a memory region
ibv_close_device alias for ibv_open_device
ibv_close_xrcd alias for ibv_open_xrcd
ibv_create_ah create or destroy an address handle (AH)
ibv_create_ah_from_wc initialize or create an address handle (AH) from a work completion
ibv_create_comp_channel create or destroy a completion event channel
ibv_create_counters Create or destroy a counters handle
ibv_create_cq create or destroy a completion queue (CQ)
ibv_create_cq_ex create a completion queue (CQ)
ibv_create_flow create or destroy flow steering rules
ibv_create_flow_action Flow action esp for verbs
ibv_create_qp create or destroy a queue pair (QP)
ibv_create_qp_ex create or destroy a queue pair (QP)
ibv_create_rwq_ind_table create or destroy a Receive Work Queue Indirection Table (RWQ IND TBL).
ibv_create_srq create or destroy a shared receive queue (SRQ)
ibv_create_srq_ex create or destroy a shared receive queue (SRQ)
ibv_create_wq create or destroy a Work Queue (WQ).
ibv_dealloc_mw alias for ibv_alloc_mw
ibv_dealloc_pd alias for ibv_alloc_pd
ibv_dealloc_td alias for ibv_alloc_td
ibv_dereg_mr alias for ibv_reg_mr
ibv_destroy_ah alias for ibv_create_ah
ibv_destroy_comp_channel alias for ibv_create_comp_channel
ibv_destroy_counters alias for ibv_create_counters
ibv_destroy_cq alias for ibv_create_cq
ibv_destroy_flow alias for ibv_create_flow
ibv_destroy_flow_action alias for ibv_create_flow_action
ibv_destroy_qp alias for ibv_create_qp
ibv_destroy_rwq_ind_table alias for ibv_create_rwq_ind_table
ibv_destroy_srq alias for ibv_create_srq
ibv_destroy_wq alias for ibv_create_wq
ibv_detach_mcast alias for ibv_attach_mcast
ibv_event_type_str Return string describing event_type enum value
ibv_fork_init initialize libibverbs to support fork()
ibv_free_device_list alias for ibv_get_device_list
ibv_free_dm alias for ibv_alloc_dm
ibv_get_async_event get or acknowledge asynchronous events
ibv_get_cq_event get and acknowledge completion queue (CQ) events
ibv_get_device_guid get an RDMA device’s GUID
ibv_get_device_list get and release list of available RDMA devices
ibv_get_device_name get an RDMA device’s name
ibv_get_pkey_index obtain the index in the P_Key table of a P_Key
ibv_get_srq_num return srq number associated with the given shared receive queue (SRQ)
ibv_inc_rkey creates a new rkey from the given one
ibv_init_ah_from_wc alias for ibv_create_ah_from_wc
ibv_memcpy_from_dm alias for ibv_alloc_dm
ibv_memcpy_to_dm alias for ibv_alloc_dm
ibv_modify_cq modify a completion queue (CQ)
ibv_modify_flow_action alias for ibv_create_flow_action
ibv_modify_qp modify the attributes of a queue pair (QP)
ibv_modify_qp_rate_limit modify the send rate limits attributes of a queue pair (QP)
ibv_modify_srq modify attributes of a shared receive queue (SRQ)
ibv_modify_wq Modify a Work Queue (WQ).
ibv_node_type_str alias for ibv_event_type_str
ibv_open_device open and close an RDMA device context
ibv_open_qp open a shareable queue pair (QP)
ibv_open_xrcd open or close an XRC protection domain (XRCDs)
ibv_poll_cq poll a completion queue (CQ)
ibv_port_state_str alias for ibv_event_type_str
ibv_post_recv post a list of work requests (WRs) to a receive queue
ibv_post_send post a list of work requests (WRs) to a send queue
ibv_post_srq_ops perform on a special shared receive queue (SRQ) configuration manipulations
ibv_post_srq_recv post a list of work requests (WRs) to a shared receive queue (SRQ)
ibv_query_device query an RDMA device's attributes
ibv_query_device_ex query an RDMA device's attributes
ibv_query_gid query an InfiniBand port’s GID table
ibv_query_pkey query an InfiniBand port’s P_Key table
ibv_query_port query an RDMA port's attributes
ibv_query_qp get the attributes of a queue pair (QP)
ibv_query_rt_values_ex query an RDMA device for some real time values
ibv_query_srq get the attributes of a shared receive queue (SRQ)
ibv_rate_to_mbps convert IB rate enumeration to Mbit/sec
ibv_rate_to_mult convert IB rate enumeration to multiplier of 2.5 Gbit/sec
ibv_read_counters Read counter values
ibv_reg_dm_mr alias for ibv_alloc_dm
ibv_reg_mr register or deregister a memory region (MR)
ibv_req_notify_cq request completion notification on a completion queue (CQ)
ibv_rereg_mr re-register a memory region (MR)
ibv_resize_cq resize a completion queue (CQ)
ibv_wr_abort alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_atomic_cmp_swp alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_atomic_fetch_add alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_bind_mw alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_complete alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_local_inv alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_post Manage regions allowed to post work
ibv_wr_rdma_read alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_rdma_write alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_rdma_write_imm alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_send alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_send_imm alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_send_inv alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_send_tso alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_set_inline_data alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_set_inline_data_list alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_set_sge alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_set_sge_list alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_set_ud_addr alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_set_xrc_srqn alias for ibv_wr_post
ibv_wr_start alias for ibv_wr_post
mbps_to_ibv_rate alias for ibv_rate_to_mbps
mlx4dv_init_obj Initialize mlx4 direct verbs object from ibv_xxx structures
mlx4dv_query_device Query device capabilities specific to mlx4
mlx4dv_set_context_attr Set context attributes
mlx5dv_alloc_dm allocates device memory (DM)
mlx5dv_alloc_var Allocates a VAR
mlx5dv_create_cq creates a completion queue (CQ)
mlx5dv_create_flow creates a steering flow rule
mlx5dv_create_flow_action_modify_header Flow action modify header for mlx5 provider
mlx5dv_create_flow_action_packet_reformat Flow action reformat packet for mlx5 provider
mlx5dv_create_flow_matcher creates a matcher to be used with mlx5dv_create_flow(3)
mlx5dv_create_mkey Creates an indirect mkey
mlx5dv_create_qp creates a queue pair (QP)
mlx5dv_destroy_mkey alias for mlx5dv_create_mkey
mlx5dv_devx_alloc_uar Allocates a DEVX UAR
mlx5dv_devx_cq_modify alias for mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify
mlx5dv_devx_cq_query alias for mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify
mlx5dv_devx_create_cmd_comp Create a command completion to be used for DEVX asynchronous commands.
mlx5dv_devx_create_event_channel Create an event channel to be used for DEVX asynchronous events.
mlx5dv_devx_destroy_cmd_comp alias for mlx5dv_devx_create_cmd_comp
mlx5dv_devx_destroy_event_channel alias for mlx5dv_devx_create_event_channel
mlx5dv_devx_free_uar alias for mlx5dv_devx_alloc_uar
mlx5dv_devx_general_cmd alias for mlx5dv_devx_obj_create
mlx5dv_devx_get_async_cmd_comp alias for mlx5dv_devx_create_cmd_comp
mlx5dv_devx_get_event Get an asynchronous event.
mlx5dv_devx_ind_tbl_modify alias for mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify
mlx5dv_devx_ind_tbl_query alias for mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify
mlx5dv_devx_obj_create Creates a devx object
mlx5dv_devx_obj_destroy alias for mlx5dv_devx_obj_create
mlx5dv_devx_obj_modify alias for mlx5dv_devx_obj_create
mlx5dv_devx_obj_query alias for mlx5dv_devx_obj_create
mlx5dv_devx_obj_query_async alias for mlx5dv_devx_obj_create
mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify Modifies a verbs QP via DEVX
mlx5dv_devx_qp_query alias for mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify
mlx5dv_devx_query_eqn Query EQN for a given vector id.
mlx5dv_devx_srq_modify alias for mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify
mlx5dv_devx_srq_query alias for mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify
mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event Subscribe over an event channel for device events.
mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event_fd alias for mlx5dv_devx_subscribe_devx_event
mlx5dv_devx_umem_dereg alias for mlx5dv_devx_umem_reg
mlx5dv_devx_umem_reg Register a user memory to be used by the devx interface
mlx5dv_devx_wq_modify alias for mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify
mlx5dv_devx_wq_query alias for mlx5dv_devx_qp_modify
mlx5dv_dr_action_create_dest_ibv_qp alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_create_dest_table alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_create_dest_vport alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_create_drop alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_create_flow_counter alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_create_flow_meter alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_create_modify_header alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_create_packet_reformat alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_create_tag alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_destroy alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_action_modify_flow_meter alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_domain_create alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_domain_destroy alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_domain_sync alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_flow Manage flow domains
mlx5dv_dr_matcher_create alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_matcher_destroy alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_rule_create alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_rule_destroy alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_table_create alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dr_table_destroy alias for mlx5dv_dr_flow
mlx5dv_dump Dump DR Domain
mlx5dv_dump_dr_domain alias for mlx5dv_dump
mlx5dv_dump_dr_matcher alias for mlx5dv_dump
mlx5dv_dump_dr_rule alias for mlx5dv_dump
mlx5dv_dump_dr_table alias for mlx5dv_dump
mlx5dv_flow_action_esp Flow action esp for mlx5 provider
mlx5dv_free_var alias for mlx5dv_alloc_var
mlx5dv_get_clock_info Get device clock information
mlx5dv_init_obj Initialize mlx5 direct verbs object from ibv_xxx structures
mlx5dv_is_supported Check whether an RDMA device implemented by the mlx5 provider
mlx5dv_open_device Open an RDMA device context for the mlx5 provider
mlx5dv_qp_ex_from_ibv_qp_ex alias for mlx5dv_wr_post
mlx5dv_query_device Query device capabilities specific to mlx5
mlx5dv_ts_to_ns Convert device timestamp from HCA core clock units to the corresponding...
mlx5dv_wr_post Attach a DC info to the last work request
mlx5dv_wr_set_dc_addr alias for mlx5dv_wr_post
mult_to_ibv_rate alias for ibv_rate_to_mult
rdma_accept Called to accept a connection request.
rdma_ack_cm_event Free a communication event.
rdma_bind_addr Bind an RDMA identifier to a source address.
rdma_connect Initiate an active connection request.
rdma_create_ep Allocate a communication identifier and optional QP.
rdma_create_event_channel Open a channel used to report communication events.
rdma_create_id Allocate a communication identifier.
rdma_create_qp Allocate a QP.
rdma_create_srq Allocate a shared receive queue.
rdma_dereg_mr deregisters a registered memory region.
rdma_destroy_ep Release a communication identifier.
rdma_destroy_event_channel Close an event communication channel.
rdma_destroy_id Release a communication identifier.
rdma_destroy_qp Deallocate a QP.
rdma_destroy_srq Deallocate a SRQ.
rdma_disconnect This function disconnects a connection.
rdma_establish Complete an active connection request.
rdma_event_str Returns a string representation of an rdma cm event.
rdma_free_devices Frees the list of devices returned by rdma_get_devices.
rdma_get_cm_event Retrieves the next pending communication event.
rdma_get_devices Get a list of RDMA devices currently available.
rdma_get_dst_port Returns the remote port number of a bound rdma_cm_id.
rdma_get_local_addr Returns the local IP address of a bound rdma_cm_id.
rdma_get_peer_addr Returns the remote IP address of a bound rdma_cm_id.
rdma_get_recv_comp retrieves a completed receive request.
rdma_get_request Retrieves the next pending connection request event.
rdma_get_send_comp retrieves a completed send, read, or write request.
rdma_get_src_port Returns the local port number of a bound rdma_cm_id.
rdma_getaddrinfo Provides transport independent address translation.
rdma_init_qp_attr Returns qp attributes of a rdma_cm_id.
rdma_join_multicast Joins a multicast group.
rdma_join_multicast_ex Joins a multicast group with extended options.
rdma_leave_multicast Leaves a multicast group.
rdma_listen Listen for incoming connection requests.
rdma_migrate_id Move a communication identifier to a different event channel.
rdma_notify Notifies the librdmacm of an asynchronous event.
rdma_post_read post an RDMA read work request.
rdma_post_readv post an RDMA read work request.
rdma_post_recv post a work request to receive an incoming message.
rdma_post_recvv post a work request to receive incoming messages.
rdma_post_send post a work request to send a message.
rdma_post_sendv post a work request to send a message.
rdma_post_ud_send post a work request to send a datagram.
rdma_post_write post an RDMA write work request.
rdma_post_writev post an RDMA write work request.
rdma_reg_msgs register data buffer(s) for sending or receiving messages.
rdma_reg_read register data buffer(s) for remote RDMA read access.
rdma_reg_write register data buffer(s) for remote RDMA write access.
rdma_reject Called to reject a connection request.
rdma_resolve_addr Resolve destination and optional source addresses.
rdma_resolve_route Resolve the route information needed to establish a connection.
rdma_set_option Set communication options for an rdma_cm_id.
umad_addr_dump dump addr structure to stderr
umad_alloc allocate memory for umad buffers
umad_attribute_str alias for umad_class_str
umad_class_str class of functions to return string representations of enums
umad_close_port close InfiniBand device port for umad access
umad_debug set debug level
umad_done alias for umad_init
umad_dump dump umad buffer to stderr
umad_free frees memory of umad buffers
umad_get_ca get and release InfiniBand device port attributes
umad_get_ca_portguids get the InfiniBand device ports GUIDs
umad_get_cas_names get list of available InfiniBand device names
umad_get_fd get the umad fd for the requested port
umad_get_issm_path get path of issm device
umad_get_mad get the MAD pointer of a umad buffer
umad_get_mad_addr get the address of the ib_mad_addr from a umad buffer
umad_get_pkey get pkey index from umad buffer
umad_get_port open and close an InfiniBand port
umad_init perform library initialization and finalization
umad_mad_status_str alias for umad_class_str
umad_method_str alias for umad_class_str
umad_open_port open InfiniBand device port for umad access
umad_poll poll umad
umad_recv receive umad
umad_register register the specified management class and version for port
umad_register2 register the specified management class and version for port
umad_register_oui register the specified class in vendor range 2 for port
umad_release_ca alias for umad_get_ca
umad_release_port alias for umad_get_port
umad_send send umad
umad_set_addr set MAD address fields within umad buffer using host ordering
umad_set_addr_net set MAD address fields within umad buffer using network ordering
umad_set_grh set GRH fields within umad buffer using host ordering
umad_set_grh_net set GRH fields within umad buffer using network ordering
umad_set_pkey set pkey index within umad buffer
umad_size get the size of umad buffer
umad_status get the status of a umad buffer
umad_unregister unregister umad agent
Name Description
efadv Direct verbs for efa devices
mlx4dv Direct verbs for mlx4 devices
mlx5dv Direct verbs for mlx5 devices
rdma_cm RDMA communication manager.